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3D Printing is bringing about the next industrial revolution and Altem is leading the change by bringing in new ideas to enable manufacturers and designers in India to realise their products faster and in an economical way. Altem’s 3D Printers in collaboration with Stratasys Ltd, USA and SLM Solutions GmbH Germany have made the design process of the companies accelerated, more creative and iterative. It’s just not the design,  even the manufacturing processes are also becoming more agile, efficient and customized due to the flexibility and the robustness offered by the 3D printing technologies Altem offers.

Altem Technologies, the leading partners for Stratasys and SLM in India brings you the ability to take your 3D CAD designs from the CAD screen to a realistic part in-hand with the 3D printing process as easy as  pushing a button.  Fit and form models, Print assembly part and manufacture production tools on the fly or produce a small batch of production end use parts. This is all made possible with 3D Printing technologies, Altem offers with unrivalled range of consumable material options.

To address the ever increasing demand for various materials, accuracies and durable parts from the industry, Stratasys offers two of the most versatile 3D printing technologies Viz. FDM (Fused deposition Modeling) and Polyjet technology to meet the bulging expectations of the industrial designers and Engineers. Besides to address the metal 3D Printing, Altem brings Selective Laser Melting (SLM) technology for metal 3D printing from SLM Solutions GmbH, Germany

FDM Technology builds three dimensional parts by extruding a fine thermoplastic filament through a heated liquefier layer by layer and fused instantly by the deposition process. Equipped with the soluble support technology, users can build complex assemblies and intricate parts without any post processing or assembly process. Parts are strong, durable and perfect for any demanding mechanical, thermal or chemical testing and end use applications.

Polyjet technology ensures highly accurate and great surface quality of the parts by using the proven ink jetting technology. The photopolymer resin is deposited layer by layer by jetting on a build tray and cured by the UV light for smooth, accurate and highly detailed parts. The option of combining two or more different materials and colours can simulate varying mechanical and physical material properties of over 100 combinations of digital materials.

Selective Laser Melting (SLM) process produces the metal parts of high density and strength with the melt pool technology using lasers and metal powder in a chamber of inert gas to control the oxidation. The process involves heating the powder bed to elevated temperatures for optimal melting and the laser scans and melts the cross section of the part based on the sliced parameters.

A new layer of powder is spread and melted on the previous layer and the part build continues. The parts created by SLM has similar properties and finish as a series production part with very minimal surface machining. Parts can be manufactured in Aluminium, Titanium, Stainless steel and other widely used alloys.

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