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September 15th, 2018

The nature of my work calls for frequent travel across the country for conferences, seminars, roadshows and trade shows, with a standard marketing kit which essentially contains samples, brochures, accessories and other branding material contained in a few boxes that are stacked, strapped and hooked.

It was last month in August that I had consecutive events to attend in Chennai and Delhi, (thankfully) with a stopover in Bangalore for a day. The hook that holds the elastic cable to the trolley got damaged in luggage handling and broke due to the cable tension resulting in the boxes falling over again and again after walking every few meters with the trolley. I somehow managed to get to office by tying the cable to the trolley but that for sure was not a sustainable solution. I gave a shout for help from my technical team stationed in Bangalore and there it was. With the blink of an eye the team was all armed with weapons of construction to build the hook for the trolley.

The Artec 3D Scanner and the Stratasys 3D Printer inhouse technical team at Altem took control and came together to scan, reverse engineer and then 3D print the hook in just 2.5 hours. ABS was the plastic material used to 3D print the hook. I noticed that though the hook looked identical to the original hook (the one in black), it felt more stronger and slightly thicker. I went back to the team and asked. I was explained that while reverse engineering the thickness of hook on the rounded edge was purposefully increased to sustain hits and falls. But that was not it – the team had also increased the density of the material to be used per cubic inch for strength.

We then tested the hook with full load and the results were just as the technical team had foresighted. Not only did the trolley now take the full load but also a few extra kgs of weight. Even though we cater to mainstream industries like automobile, aerospace, defense, manufacturing, medical and dental industries, and I had heard of people using these technologies in geographies where labor and service costs are sky rocketing – I experienced the application in consumer goods first hand.

Kudos to the Digitization team of Altem – glad you were there.

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