MSC Simufact

Simufact is an industry leader in manufacturing process simulation for Metalworking Industry. It’s ground-breaking software solutions include metal forming, mechanical and thermal joining operations and additive manufacturing processes. By consistently providing accurate results, these applications help to optimize the manufacturing process, reduce cost and time to market.


Simufact Forming covers all aspects of metal forming technologies with full realistic representation of complete tooling and accurately captures key aspects that affect the process and product.


It can accurately capture nonlinear material behaviour of the workpiece including plasticity, rate dependency and temperature effects, contact and friction between tool and workpiece surface. It can predict self-contact and folds during the workpiece forming process at correct locations. Initial heating, temperature rise due to forming process, heat and energy dissipation can also be precisely determined.


The software consists of extremely user-friendly GUI, solver, material database etc. with capabilities to perform cold forming and hot forging simulations. Apart from the die tool forging, the processes that can be simulated are sheet metal forming, rolling, ring rolling, open die forging, heat treatment and mechanical joining. Additional modules are available to help with die stress analysis and microstructure calculations. The software also has multi-CAD import capabilities and access to material databases.

Simulation of Multi-Stage Cold Forging Process in Simufact Forming

Simufact Welding is used to simulate complex welding processes that involves multiple welding sequences. It helps to predict distortions of the components while considering the phase transformations occurring during the process. Welding defects such as hot cracks, warping and seam discontinuities.


Simufact Forming and Simufact Welding can be used to sequentially simulate the forming and welding process because of the easy data transfer between the software, to consider histories and further simulate the strength of the joined part in another FEM software.

Simulation of Welding Process in Simufact Welding

Simufact Additive is a powerful simulation application to get “right the first time” optimization of powder bed additive manufacturing processes like SLS, SLM, LBM, DMLS, EBM etc. It is used to predict the distortion and residual stresses in the 3D-printed part. It guides the application engineer to make allowances and compensate to ensure a quality part the first time.

Analysis of Metal 3D Printing with Simufact Additive

Simufact Additive is used to examine the influence of material selection, power vs. speed, powder characteristics, build path and hatching pattern, support and internal structures etc. Apart from the regular powder bed fusion processes, it can be used to further simulate and optimize various aspects of post processing the 3D-printed part like heat treatment, pressurization, detaching part, removal of support structure, HIP-process (hot isostatic pressing) prediction of distortion, residual stress and material densification.


Due to its advanced computational capabilities, Simufact Additive can be used to detect various defects encountered in 3D-printed part like shrinkage, warpage of the component, residual stresses etc. This results in optimal location of part, support structure, correct calculation of the deformation of the base plate, prediction of the influence of several components in the build space, etc.


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